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Barefoot Doctor enjoyed a mystically oriented childhood, studied Aikido, energy healing and meditation at age 11, studied yoga, Tai Chi in his late teens, the human psyche and how to approach it with RD Laing in his early 20s, shamanism living with the Native Americans for four years in New Mexico and acupuncture and Taoism in his mid- to late -twenties, returned to London in ’83, ran a busy acupuncture healing practice till 2000, while also doing experimental performance events, workshops, seminars and talks, making healing music and teaching Tai Chi and meditation.

In 2000 he went full time into book-writing, media and running this site, which has been in existence since 1998 as an informal online Taoism training school and virtual clinic (through email coaching). He spends his time writing, running the site and www.superchargedtaoist.com, making music, doing workshops, seminars, talks and musical events around the world and helping people. He also runs School For Warriors an 8-week online course in the principles of personal power.His 13th book, THE MAN WHO DROVE WITH HIS EYES CLOSED - AND MY OTHER ASTONISHING TEACHERS AND GURUS is now out, published by Hay House in the UK and in the US in January 2010 also with Hay House, under the title, SUPERCHARGED TAOIST. See QnA about SUPERCHARGED TAOIST below.

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hofer66 began djing in the early 90s after living the true beginning of house music in ibiza in 1989 with the performance of adamski in amnesia. after this unique experience he started to buy records and play in clubs in germany, on the island and abroad. today he is not just djing, he finally became a producer as well, first productions together with max lanfranconi and ohm-g led him in 2008 to produce with ingmarlo under the name 'sonicure'. since 2010 they are collaborating as well with stephen russell - the barefootdoctor, first trax are released since november 2010 as ‘hofer66 feat. barefoot doctor’, e.p. is called ‘psychoactive’ and contains three trax.

he is booked all over the world without playing too much clubs in summer, as he is busy with the mag. but the few dates he chooses are well worth a visit! so look for his name on flyers and posters wherever you are, and get his unique mix of sexy groovy house with shades of deep, acid, electro, deep trance and techno, flavoured with this balearic touch everybody is seeking for.
together with the barefootdoctor he plays as well long live sets with stephen performing his incredible voice live over the set, creating a unique ambience - subliminal hypnosis set to psychoactive beats.

since 2001 he is as well the editor of dub magazine in ibiza, so he is giving back the people what they gave to him - his spirit and love for this music.

in 2005 he started doing a partyseries called sense - everything that makes sense (myspace.com/sense_ibiza) in one of the most authentic places in ibiza, the grial, in order to create a perfect party. the secret behind the success of sense is the atmosphere, people come to listen and dance, no spectators, only actors! the guest djs are mainly from ibiza as there is a whole bunch of extraordinary talents, and the ones coming from outside are booked because of their musical skills, not their names. this politics is based on the concept 'less ego more music' (great idea, giorgio!) as this is what its really about... after the last winter seasons in different locations such as the great somni in figueretas in 2008 and various ones since then sense will be back this winter in a new, still secret location - stay tuned for more infos.

as this is not enough he has a very big passion since 1993 for radio as he thinks it is still one of the most powerful tools to reach the crowd. he has two own weekly shows for dub magazine and sense all over the year on ibizasonica.com and ibizaglobalradio.com and is invited to other stations all year long.

his early stations:

highlights germany:

dorian gray 1992 (ffm), space parties (own series) 1992 - 93 (sb), the box 1993-94 (ffm), nexus 1992-94 (sch), stardust festival 1994, drifters / red room 1991-95 (fr), opfinger see 1993-94 (fr), oktan 1996 (fr), 'we are heroes' 1996 (fl), elelectric city 2005 (saarb.), mox experience 2005 - 2009 (geisl.), watergate 2008/09/10 (berlin).

highlights international:

spain: penelope + microclub, space, pacha, amnesia, el divino, privilege, underground, km5, lo cura, grial, mtv festival 2001, sa trinxa, jockey club, blue marlin (all in ibiza), macarena club (barcelona), razzmatazz (barcelona), rachdingue (villajuiga, spain), nitsa (barcelona), stereo (barcelona), sala taboo (madrid) and lots more.
gigs in switzerland (club q, ibiza 24h arosa, totentanz, ibiza reunion 2005+09 @ club q), italy (ruba mailand), usa (mint, opium miami), costa rica (itauna) etc.

released projects:

- 'bigger than u', 2004 on dubibiza.com with ohm-g,
- 'scheile geisse', 2006 on dubibiza.com with ohm-g.
- under the name 'ibitronic' the track 'saveit' together with max lanfranconi and maurizio soda, unreleased.
- 'rawoog', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'gamma morphin', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'samba lung', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'baba fish', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'john andscheinend', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'im jetzt', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'ich will tanzen', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'angelupft', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'zu house', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'herr lich', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'irgendwie anders', produced under the name 'sonicure' with ingmarlo
- 'beautiful', produced under the name 'hofer66 feat. barefoot doctor' with stephen russell and ingmarlo
- 'dub up', produced under the name 'hofer66 feat. barefoot doctor' with stephen russell and ingmarlo
- 'care', produced under the name 'hofer66 feat. barefoot doctor' with stephen russell and ingmarlo

current residencies in ibiza:

monza 2005 - 2010, space opening + closing resident 2006/07, bar lo cura, ibiza global radio and ibiza sonica radio.

residencies apart from ibiza:

monza (worldwide), macarena (barcelona), taboo (madrid), mox experience (germany)

listen live in winter to him at:

radio sonica ibiza (own weekly show each wednesday from 20 to 21h one full hour presenting dub magazine on 95.2 fm, or tune in at www.ibizasonica.com.

global radio ibiza (own weekly show each monday from 23 to 24h together with the barefoot doctor one full hour presenting sense on 97.6 fm, or tune as well in at www.ibizaglobalradio.com.

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