Co Founder of big Open Air Festivals in Ibiza (Art Party) 1000 to 3000 visitors) - Dj ing a lot in Ibiza and abroad for Psycedelic-Trance and Chill-Out
venues.(Southamerica, Europe) - Started first Music projects with Lenny Ibizarre in 1997 (Morphogenetix) with some successful releases on T.I.P. Blue Flame, Ibizarre etc - 1997 Founder of small Ibiza based distribution for hard to find and Ibiza related Music, specialised on Chill, Trance and World Products - Dj ing Residency on the Radio Dance FM (Cadena Cien Ibiza), Global Radio Ibiza (97.6), Digitally Imported Internet Radio (USA), Big FM (Germany).

Residency for over 8 Years in famous KUMHARAS Sunset Bar with Chilled out Down Tempo Mixes - Played finest Dance Down tempo very successfull in Places like Space Opening 2005, Magnum Festival Polen, Creamfields, Camp Electric and MTV Festival 2002 Ibiza

Compiler of the Kumharas Compilations and third party CDs - Co producing with Lenny Ibizarre, Juan Verdera, Greg Krarup (Solid World) - Ing-el-Mar / Ingmarlo (Levitation, Sunstars, Movin Sounds Ibiza) etc. - Part of the Movin Sounds Ibiza Universe with Projects like REAL-XS and - ANTISTATIC with succesfull releases on: Sony, Warner, Ultravista, GreenHeartMusic - and many others , check out or webpage @ - Actual remixes of Henry Mancini (Baby Elephant etc.), Levitation (more than ever people) etc.


Human Spirit Interface
The Giantists
Real -XS



Outlaw Trance
Psychedelic Sound of Ibiza
Kumharas Vol.: 1 , 2 + 3


Atlantis (London), Old Airport Munich, Amnesia, Space (Ibiza
+ Punta del Este), El Divino, Privilege,
MTV Festiva (Ibiza), Camp Electric (Denmark),
Creamfields, Cafe del Mar, Kumharas , Sa Trincha,
Gibus (France), Global Radio Ibiza, Dance FM (Ibiza),
Space Opening 2005
some places woth mentioning:

International: Urugay, Argentina, Costa Rica, England, Polen, Tschechien,
Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France


Djs: Etnica, Ma Faisa, GMS, X-Dream, Total Eclipse, Elea, Shiva Space
Pathaan, Mixmaster Morris, Morpheus, Kenneth Bager, Jose Padilla, Pete
Rob da Bank, Banzai Republic, Lenny Ibizarre,


Blue Flame, Ibizarre, T.I.P., Warner U.K., Novatekk, T-Force,, Ultravista,
Dj Mag, Sony, Green Heart Music, Movin Sounds


Ambient Collection Vol.:1 + 2
Outlaw Trance
Psychedelic Sound of Ibiza
Trance de Eivissa
Cafe del Sol Vol.:2
Dj Blissed Out, DUB Spirit of Ibiza, Pacha Lounge Vol.:1, Kumharas Vol.:1,2,3
Macao cafe Vol.:3+4
Homegrown Sounds
Solid World Castros Kitchen,
Salinas Sessions
Green Heart Vol.: 1,2,3
Movin Sounds 24 Hrs

Latest Proj.: Compilation K3, Real-Xs (Live), Antistatic, Remixes,
Distribution (Import + Movinsounds), Dj - Abroad + Ibiza, Global Radio
Sessions, Digitally Imported Internet Radio Sessions,


Cafe del Sol Vol.:2 Novatekk Records 1999
Morphogenetix Dr Zhivago (House Remix)
Morphogenetix = Lennart Krarup + Malte von Trautvetter

Ambient Collection Vol.:1 Ibizarre Records 1997
Morphogenetics Dreambird
Morphogenetics = Lennart Krarup + Malte von Trautvetter

Ambient Collection Vol.:3 Ibizarre Records 1999
Morphogenetics Hollow Wind, Prayer for Gaia
Morphogenetics = Lennart Krarup + Malte von Trautvetter

The Morphogenetic Research Lab. Ibizarre Records 1997
Morphogenetics Album
Morphogenetics = Lennart Krarup + Malte von Trautvetter

Art Party Outlaw Trance Vol.:1 Blue Flame Record 1997
Phoenix Space Train, Flight of the Phoenix
Phoenix = Lennart Krarup + Malte von Trautvetter

Chill-N-Vibes Outlaw Trance Vol.:2 B.F. Records 1998
Morphogenetix Impulse, Resurrection
Morphogenetix = Lennart Krarup + Malte von Trautvetter

Trance de Eivissa T.I.P. Records 1999
Morphog Out in the fields
Morphog = Lennart Krarup + Malte von Trautvetter

The Tribe Ibiza in Trance Ibizarre Records 1998
Mushroom man Showdown (Malte M. v. T. Remix)

Psychodelic Sound of Ibiza Trance Compilation Vol.:1
P.S.I. Records 2001
Morphogenetix Retrodriver, Warbird
Morphogenetix = Lennart Krarup + Malte von Trautvetter
Human Spirit Interface Crescending Waves
H.S.I. = Juan Verdera + Malte von Trautvetter

Dj Magazin Cover CD Blissed Out DJ Magazin 2001
Malte MvT Pizza Please ( Malte von Trautvetter)

Pacha Lounge Collection Etnicanet Rec. 2002
Malte The smell of fire on the sea (malte von Trautvetter + Ivano Bogino)

DUB Spirit of Ibiza T-Force 2002
Malte MvT Zimmerservice (Malte von Trautvetter)

Homegrown Sounds Lenny Ibizarre Warner Dance 2003
Green Grass Running Water (Lenny Ibizarre + Malte von Trautvetter)

Kumharas Compilation House Darret 2003
Green Grass Running Water (Lenny Ibizarre + Malte von Trautvetter)
Real Letting Go (Ingmar Hansch , Jon Michel, Malte von Trautvetter)

Beachlife Vol.: 2 Sony Music 2003
Real Letting Go (Ingmar Hansch , Jon Michel, Malte von Trautvetter)

Macao Cafe Vol.:3 Etnicanet Rec. 2003
The Giantists As you Please ( Greg Krarup + Malte von Trautvetter)


Venues outside Ibiza: London Club ATLANTIS Opening. Barcelona, Girona, Mailand, Wien, München (Natraj Temple, Alter Flughafen), Stuttgart, Freiburg, Saarbrücken – in Übersee: Montevideo, Punta del Este, Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Prag, Warschau

1998 Radio CADENA CIEN (David Moreno Trance Hour), COLOURS Festival Barcelona, diverse Open Air Party´s, NATRAJ TEMPLE München (Februar), AMNESIA (Tribe Party), PRIVILEGE (Open Mind Party), KUMHARAS, COVA SANTA (Kumharas Party) ...
1999 MTV Festival 24.08.99 Ibiza, Jeden Samstag KUMHARAS St. Antonio, BES (BOUCALA) Trance Club, diverse Open Air Party´s u.a. 10-11-12.09.99 Cala Aubarca (2.000 Pers.) ...


05.06.2005 - 4000 Space Opening (Ibiza) C Cox, J Padilla
20.05.2005 - 400 Gibus (Paris)
07.012005 - 400 Gibus (Paris)
27.06.2004 - 300 Las Dalias (Ibiza) Tribe of Frog
16.08.2003 - 1500 MTV Aquasonic (Ibiza) 2ManyDjs
08.08.2003 - 6000 Creamfields (Tschech) Massive Attack
04.06.2002 - 2000 MTV Quarry (Ibiza),Kylie Minogue, ORB
21.08.2002 - 12000 Magnum (Polen), Swayzak
11.08.2001 - 3500 Camp Electric (Denmark) K+D
07.02.1999 - 500 Chill-N-Vibes (Argentina)
29.01.1999 - 700 Space (Uruguay) Greame Park
28.01.1999 - 300 Summer of Love (Punta Del Este)
28.08.1998 - 1200 Amnesia (Ibiza) Alex P, Shiva Space T
22.08.1998 - 2000 Rising Dust (Ibiza) GMS, Doof
05.06.1998 - 1800 Colours (Barcelona) Propellerheads
02.08.1997 - 300 Goa Evolucion (Girona) Lenny Ibizarre
09.07.1997 - Opening Space (Ibiza) SST, Jose Padilla
05.08.1996 - 1800 Rock Art Party (Ibiza) Paul Daley
17.09.1994 - 400 Goa Trance Party (Barcelona) Shiva
16.04.1994 - 2500 Ultimate Rave (Munich) Jeff Mills,
19.03.1994 - 3000 Airport Riem (Munich) Marusha, Felix
18.02.1994 - 500 Etnica Group (Milano) Etnica

Malte von Trautvetter born 1966 in Germany -Studied Economics and Computers - Went to Ibiza in 1987 eversince startet to get more and more involved in the Musicbusiness - music ibiza - ibiza music -